Sep 24, 2010

Intelligence Officer

If my university education all goes to custard and/or no one wants to employ me afterwards (particularly likely if I avoid / make a mess of biology and attempt to enter the murky depths of academic philosophy), I could presumably be an "Intelligence Officer" with the RNZAF. Surely the skill set required isn't too formidable and it sounds like the kind of job which a doctorate or two would help in obtaining. Pay is $14.42 an hour! (up to $33.65) At that rate, I'll have my loan for a few decades, but at least I'll be happy and my intelligence could hardly fail to be recognised. If necessary, I would wear a badge.


Sep 18, 2010

paidea - education

Cornell West challenges the plebs and the rest:

weighing the facts

Many atheists are annoyed at how they are, as they see it, misunderstood by Christians.

The fact - and it is indeed a fact - that many people do not treat atheists and their views fairly and with respect does very little to show that the atheists themselves really understand what they are themselves critiquing.

Hypocrisy is rife, integrity is valuable and the truth matters. This is the world we live in.

There is a kind of faith that is easily lost, but I'd rather not have it

read this if you want

Sep 11, 2010


I'm quite enjoying this site:

Some of the Christian ones are ok (I may have added a couple) and there are a few I'm not sure about - are these people atheists or mocking and/or just internet trolls like me?

Arguably one of my favourites is:
"Excuse me? Aren't you to old to have a imaginary friend?"
(Old enough to have passed through primary school in any case.)

By no means are crude errors in spelling and grammar the least impressive thing about The Internet Atheists. Sorry guys, but telling everyone else how smart you are isn't as great as you may think, particularly when so many of your assertions are demonstrably false.