Jun 24, 2011


Trent Dougherty says a lot of things (or a few things anyway) that I feel I would say if I was better educated in philosophy.

Enjoy (his insights on why some people need to get real when it comes to evaluating certain philosophical claims (particularly theism-friendly ones)):


Jun 21, 2011

In the name of Science

A personal note:

For those who’ve followed my scientific career, this may be hard to believe - but I am now something of an expert in chicks, as in baby chickens. You could even say, with fairly minimal exaggeration, that they “flock” to me. I could give you the details, but I won't, as it might put you off your dinner to be honest.
So, for all your limb-bud grafting needs, text me anytime - or leave a message at this blog.

Here's a random superchic(k) song, enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-goGUFT35c

Jun 19, 2011

You know what?

You know what? I think we should change the world. You, me, that guy/girl we’re ‘friends’ with on Facebook. And their mates. Yeah, why not?! We should, we even could: feed people, clothe people, tell them about Jesus (order negotiable); fight for democracy, or socialism or compassionate communitarian conservatism or something, anything, other than the icky status quo. Common wisdom is overrated, I .. believe .. we need a change.
(Pronounced with due dramatic flourish.)

Me for President. Or maybe you!

Who’s with me (us)?!!

Oh, wait – it’s exam time. :(

Sorry folks.

And then there’s that little issue of the middle-class dream. We wouldn’t really want to give that up, would we?

And the student loan to pay off.

You’ve got to be secure, you know! Emotionally, financially, socially, the rest. Got to. It’s common wisdom.

So, yeah.

*Shuffles feet*

*Clicks pen & glances at notes*

Maybe I’ll be back later…

(Picture courtesy of Wikipedia - percentages of populations undernourished)

Jun 17, 2011


This, below, is a link worth reading, about Facebook.

Incidentally, I'm quite proud of the title of this post, (invented in a flash of brilliance while pondering the mouse linked below) I may even have to use it elsewhere.

I almost posted the link, below, on Facebook, but then I was briefly caught in a loop of self-assessment/analysis and couldn't work out what my motives for that might be, so stuck it here instead, as far fewer people will read this. And if you're reading this, you're probably either past judging me (having been desensitized) or you're a random whose opinion isn't going to affect me much, if at all. And let's be honest, if your opinion doesn't impact on me, I'm not going to be too concerned about it.

Occasionally I'll promote something at this blog that I've put effort into - I'll probably post a talk I gave on Jesus in the Bible (as compared, implicitly, to the Qur'an), after exams and once I've written a sermon which I'll be preaching at the end of August, I'll put that up and might link on Facebook if I decide someone there may be interested; but most of the rest will just be writing practice for me and something I can look back on and cringe at in future minutes/days/months/decades.


I love the picture: http://cruciality.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/fb-mirror.jpg

A thought:
If you're reading this and I know you, the chances are I don't affirm you nearly enough, being caught, as perhaps with near-everyone else, in my own web of self-concern. The chances are also, that if you're human and not scarily self-sufficient, you're also actually looking to be affirmed occasionally by those around you. So, sorry about that; I'll try & work on it.