Jun 19, 2011

You know what?

You know what? I think we should change the world. You, me, that guy/girl we’re ‘friends’ with on Facebook. And their mates. Yeah, why not?! We should, we even could: feed people, clothe people, tell them about Jesus (order negotiable); fight for democracy, or socialism or compassionate communitarian conservatism or something, anything, other than the icky status quo. Common wisdom is overrated, I .. believe .. we need a change.
(Pronounced with due dramatic flourish.)

Me for President. Or maybe you!

Who’s with me (us)?!!

Oh, wait – it’s exam time. :(

Sorry folks.

And then there’s that little issue of the middle-class dream. We wouldn’t really want to give that up, would we?

And the student loan to pay off.

You’ve got to be secure, you know! Emotionally, financially, socially, the rest. Got to. It’s common wisdom.

So, yeah.

*Shuffles feet*

*Clicks pen & glances at notes*

Maybe I’ll be back later…

(Picture courtesy of Wikipedia - percentages of populations undernourished)

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