Jul 14, 2010

books for all

I'm in the fortunate position of owning books. I'd like to lend them to you, perhaps for a tiny fee if they're expensive. If I know you or have reason to trust you. For the most part, you won't find them in your local library - unless whoever owns the library is awesome, that is.

Here are some I think are quite exciting which are on my shelf or there soon:
You'll see they're biased towards apologetics, science and philosophy - it's what I do.

The Reason for God - Tim Keller
a classic case for God and Christian orthodoxy - I have quibbles of course, but it is well-read and philosophically astute.

The Loser Letters - Mary Eberstadt
a little bit of sarcasm never hurt anyone - let's see if the New Atheists agree. Am looking fwd to this arriving.

Justice - Nicholas Wolterstorff
a Christian perspective on Justice from a philosophical theologian at Yale. Repays careful reading.

Embryo - A defense of human life - RP George & Chris Tollefsen
an intro to bioethical issues around abortion and embryo research. Useful in engaging with some biological details.

To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity Today - James Davison Hunter
am eagerly waiting for this collection of essays on Christianity's place in culture to arrive

The End of Christianity - William Dembski
'the Fall' - how can we make sense of it in light of an old earth? Dembski advocates a retro-active event.

God's Undertaker - John C Lennox
Science and God - a good intro not afraid to deal with scientific facts, stats and philosophy

The Signature in the Cell - Stephen C Meyer
a new summary of the case for Intelligent Design from DNA and the origin of life

Contending with Christianity's critics - William Lane Craig & Paul Copan (eds)
collection of pretty good essays. That was an understatement - some of them at least are 'spot on'.

The Genesis Enigma - Andrew Parker
an Oxford-based evolutionary biologist argues for ... Genesis' essential historical accuracy (!) Fascinating stuff.

Some older gems:

The Missing Gospels - Darrell Bock an introduction to 'gnostic' and other non-canonical early Christian writings from a conservative NT scholar
Jesus & Christian Origins outside the New Testament - FF Bruce
Jesus according to Scripture - Darrell Bock
Finding God at Harvard - Kelly Monroe
Telling the Truth - DA Carson (a collection of essays on postmodernism)
The Case for: Christ/A Creator/The Real Jesus - Lee Strobel
How blind is the Watchmaker? - Neil Broom

Please help me justify buying these by borrowing them. Thanks.

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