Jul 30, 2010

A half-formed poem about perfection:

It's not very sophisticated, but hey it's late
and take it or leave it, it's what I've created:

Let me explain the mystery
of eternity revealed in humanity
-Jesus Christ – God’s story,
at the right time in history
The son of man, claiming divinity
The son of God, part of the Trinity

A time of heightened messianic expectation
The Pax Romana, was appropriate preparation

There were many prophecies of the one to come
He fulfilled them and surprised everyone

He healed in the streets and hung out with the lost
He upset the authorities, paying the ultimate cost

We find him mentioned in Flavius Josephus, Pliny & Suetonius
The Christ-myth hypothesis is simply erroneous

Jesus was hung, taking God’s curse for me
The perfect representa-tive of humanity

After three days in the tomb he was raised from the dead
This was true vindication of what he had said.

Jesus is alive and well today.
Now, we come to the question: what do you say?

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