Jan 1, 2011

Oh, gravity - a rhyming conversation

The rise of the New Atheism
Cruelly halted by the gravity
Of th’ human situation
(Evil is real; now, how do we deal with it?)

“The world is amoral!”
("but science is good
And religion, surely, inexorably

Mere naïve nonsense;
A dying intellectual fad

“But, you don’t believe in gods like Thor(!)
You’re virtually an atheist;
Come on, just take off one more!”

No. I’m a trinitarian monotheist.
My world comes with ordered laws
(moral, logical, physical)
But hopeless and irrational - that’s yours

“‘Fine tuning’ is mere whimsicality
Many universes eliminate
Any improbability!”

The multiverse is science’s hearse
Yet won’t kill God or compensate
For the fact this world is no fluke show

We’ve grown out of religion, we’ve got too old!
Beliefs and metanarratives change and evolve
I see no reason to trust what you say
Your brain’s no better than that of a monkey!

Tu Quoque.

“I’m a rationalist, humanist, scientist;
A believer in our ability
to shape our destiny!”

So you believe in human rationality,
dignity, free will and an ordered universe..
And you’re an atheist?
God help you.

Well, .. maybe I’m a deist!
It’s possible naturalism has missed
A little bit here and there, but it’s nothing
like your crazy parochial faith

Is God personal?
Did God choose to come to earth and save people?
Is the true story of God found in the Bible?
These are good questions; you’re on the right path.

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