Jan 1, 2010

the levels of ok

This pic is a revision, as requested. That's a halo on the top.

OK - so there are, it has occured to me, at least 5 levels of 'OK' (in the sense of 'acceptable'.) They form a kind of pyramid.

1) Things which are technically illegal but not extremely life-threatening. The base-most level of the structure.

2) Stuff which is not illegal. There is a general presumption in our laws, such that that which is not specifically prohibited is, ceteris paribus, allowed. This is either beneficial to society; in that it encourages the imaginative use of resources to maximise utility; or subtley harmful in shamelessly promoting the spread of stupidity.

3) Stuff which is socially acceptable ("accept'ble" in pic.) This very respectable stage is presumably a function of the kind of company one is in and how much alcohol has been consumed by said company recently.

4) Morally permissable. Whether morals are objective, subjective or some messy combo doesn't really matter. I'm assuming in building this that it's generally immoral to break the law; but this is a fancy kind of pyramid, with spiral staircases and such.

5) Morally admirable. This penthouse peaky thing, along with the previous level, is what philosophers fight about (in the unique way in which philosophers participate in their esoteric version of mortal combat.)


  1. This needs diagrammatic accompaniment!

  2. Oops, I stuffed up the numbering system; maybe if I almost-finish sorting out my studies I'll draw a pikky soon for my vast highly-impressed audience.