Jan 14, 2010


Dear Diary - today i managed to wake early enough to procrastinate less than i might have otherwise yet nevertheless a considerable deal too much. i intended to do much; including excercises to assist public speaking as i soon will have to do some of this; and did a considerable deal too little by comparison and any speaking done in public served to lessen my aura and likely confuse the attempt at a lesson. i went for a walk around the block and ended up doing a strange figure of 8 thing, which might have metaphysical implications but probably does not. The fact that the block was in remuera may or may not have influenced these implications. i managed to catch the link to get to class on time to be fashionably flustered thanks perhaps to catching said link in the wrong direction, as it were. This may in fact have been the quicker route, however, for complex reasons (most reasons are complex.) Today i prayed, as i am wont to do, a prayer that i am wont to pray, i hope in fact that this wontoness as it were, would 'be' (in existence) ofter and ofter (I suppose that should be 'oftener' or somesuch, but a little German doesn't hurt - well, I suppose a Bavarian midget could cause one severe pain, but that is by-the-by atm.) Whether it was answered (or not) was less clear than is sometimes reasonably clearly the case.

i am, as ever, hoping.

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