Jan 13, 2010


Jesus Owned the Other Team

I prefer this to "WWJD" as smart atheists have been known to claim or retort "we won, jesus died" [cue awkward laughter] (& yes, the lack of capitalisation is often somehow important to these people.) Exactly how some atheist teenager and his emo friends - I assume it must be teenagers who drive the demand for such things - could have "won" through the death of Jesus Christ is a little mysterious.

First, when taken as those who spout/wear it intend, it means that "atheistic materialism is correct" - and if that's a true statement it's about as big a loss as humanity could possibly suffer in the uttering of one sentence.

Second, I see no reason to take the phrase as those who spout it, wear it on T-Shirts etc intend, for they clearly cannot take WWJD as those who wear the bracelets etc intend - as such, I may well ask "So what, friend?" Whoever coined the phrase might have attended Easter Camp once I guess - however they clearly missed the Sunday session. Jesus rose from the dead. That means that yes, he died - and that's important, no doubt - but to miss the next bit shows sad ignorance and has little hope of leading to bliss.

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