Jan 11, 2010

break's over

yeah, it was short, but I'm a bit of a workaholic.

And thanks guys - presumably some of you have been reading this (kind of by definition - you're clearly reading it now anyway) - but I lost the tracking code on the site which counts the critters who pass by. I'm in the process of re-in-setting-it-up, so I'm not sure how badly the blog is doing yet, but I may let you know. It was hovering around 4 individuals per day, with some impressive peaks of a couple more, before I tried to be stylish & changed templates.

So you can look officially forward to more not-quite-equilibrated goodness, unless I lose track of the tracking again, in which case I may become inconsolably (that might be a word) depressed.

Literally 'inconsolably', as I have no X-box! (Fortunately I'm not in real need of its rumoured contraceptive [see the billboard] effects.)

QED. (I'm not sure what it means, but it's a popular thing to write.)

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