Jan 26, 2010

traffic is up!

Nietzsche isn't. He's dead.

This blog is linked in a place or three and is going places, you'll be pleased to know. But I still (until this starts to make money$) have the interests of my faithful readers at the centre of my heart, right next to Jesus, good books and icecream. As such, I am happy to entertain your comments and even to look benevolently upon your quaint misguided ramblings, in the way I would wish you to look upon mine (while humbly suggesting that in my case 'misguided' would be a misnomer-kind-of modifier.)

So, now you know. Please feed the blog with whatever seems useful at the time.


  1. Gosh darnit. Last night I spent quite some time writing quaint ramblings in response to your "God actually doesn't hate Haiti" piece. I was about half-way through it before my computer died in this rediculous heat and I lost it all. Very frustrating - the universe conspires against me. Though not quite as much as it conspires against Haiti. Anyway I won't try to write it all again because it's not as fun the second time around - I'll just discuss it with you sometime. Meanwhile, there was something else I wanted to say:

    About this blog of yours. If you ever run out of ideas for topics (which isn't looking very likely I must say) I have a few, ah, requests. Obviously no obligation, but I thought they'd be interesting:
    1) Why do you think religion as a social instituion has been in decline over the last, say, 100 years (in western countries). Yes yes, I know it's not completely black-and-white like that: church attendence has been pretty static in the states and so fourth. But I'm thinking more in terms of census findings, the power of the church as a socializing agent, and the political clout of the church. Do correct me if you think I'm talking nonsense. I havn't really researched this - actually I'm mostly just drawing on anecdotes from old people who give the impression that religion was much more prominent back in the day. Though I would be suprized if you argued there hasn't been a significant decline. Anyway, I'd be quite interested to hear what you think. Obviously whether or not religion is in decline has no bearing on its truth value - but the reason for the decline might have some implications no? Though most of the reasons I've seen discussed seem pretty inconsequential e.g. The Church is less prominent because the introduction of the welfare state diminished its responsibilities as a charitable organization.
    2) I am in need of wise counsel. In particular, why on earth am I doing this thing called economics (I don't think this is too irrelevant since this blog did promise me economics as well as Jesus). It seems to me like there are two types of university subjects. Firstly there are those where the subject matter is intrinsically beautiful, but don't really go anywhere career-wise (physics, philosophy etc). We take these subjects because they (hopefully) make us better educated, more enlightened, and allround shinier members of the species. Then there are the subjects that are pretty hideous to study, but will hopefully be worth the effort because they lead to something worthwhile (or lucrative) e.g. law, engineering, medicine. And then there's economics. It seems to have the worst of both worlds. Free markets are ugly creatures - why would I want to study them. But from what I gather a degree in economics is unlikely to qualify me for anything except working in the reserve bank, or helping other people make money. Both of which are super insiping. So heeelppp meeeee!?! Why on earth are we doing this strange excuse-for-a-science call economics? How does it add meaning to my life? I'm really reaching out for help here lol.

  2. Every1 is spelling it "rediculous" now I've noticed (once you learn or recognise something, you start seeing it everywhere. Is this just a coincidence?) Is this (previous point) how we as a society roll?

    That may come across as petty, but never fear my good readers, I intend for both requests to be honoured, perhaps after the current round of exams. Further requests are good; I particularly like to preach stuff that will be listened to.