Apr 28, 2010

The Equivocation Trap


It is clear the author has not heard of (e.g.) Socialism, Nationalism, or for that matter National Socialism; neither, as one of the commenters on the article pointed out, has he considered what would happen if he changed his mind on the age-old question which he studiously walks in concentric money-making circles around (the God question.)* There are problems with simplistically equating religion with poison.

One of them is that it's simplistic
(a heuristic of 'simplicity' is useful in science, but less useful when attempting to create an argument.)

Another is that it's hard to be consistent on the matter.

The author has elsewhere I believe described himself as a "cultural Christian" and in this very article takes some pride in being polite enough to say grace at his university's fancy dinners occasionally, unwittingly drawing attention to the (unpoisoned?) background of these kinds of institutions and indeed the persistence of God there.

*There might be some fuss but I suspect that given the age attained he'd soon be written off as tainted through relative lack-of-telomeres or whatever else would prevent his followers from shifting out of their familiarly comfy faith-based positions. Yes, I did just write that.

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