Apr 6, 2010

Is Science for Real?

Do scientific theories aim to describe reality and are they reasonably successful? I do think so; and as such am a scientific realist of some kind or another.
*The scientific project seems to be doing well, i.e. is progressing.
*Theoretical science is proving to have practical applications.
*Theories have assisted in making impressively-confirmed predictions.
* ...

Is Science for Real, Is God for Real; Is Science for God?

Tentatively, "Yes, Yes, Yes".

You see, an important implied idea in the previous discussion in favour of scientific realism is the so-called “Principle of the Uniformity of Nature” (PUN) and I assure you this is no joke. Without this principle our science, for all its shinyness, is of limited value.
This relates to the concept of "trust in science" that I've mentioned before; science is predicated upon certain forms of trust which scientists have concerning the material world.

More on this once I’ve done more reading for my essay and beyond; I have some ideas but would like them confirmed by the cogitations of experts before I attempt a serious contribution.

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