Apr 15, 2010

who reads this stuff??

On an average day there are about 3 of you joyous (I hope you're joyous) citizens of the interweb who visit this blog; this has gone up to about 7 on special occasions. This year there have been ~50-100 individuals who've shown more than fleeting interest.


Sure, I have my loyal followers who've outed themselves officially, but so few that I can count them on my digits and have plenty spare to type with. It seems that there must be others apart from the random Russian person and spambots who have visited.

If anyone brave reads this, they'd be most welcome to leave their name in a comment, it would help prop up my ego, which slips without constant reinforcement ;) More importantly, please tell me what to write about, or else the creative juices will dry up and/or the blog will become increasingly bizarre and detached from reality as my self-esteem plummets :(

In future times I might write about: Natural Selection, the Multiverse, Poverty, Fair Trade, 'Trust' in Science, the Theology of Genesis, Scientific Law and Symmetry, the early Church and the Philosophy of Mind; I might produce some more poetry (though I think I'm about out for a while) and update and publish some longer essays from my phil courses or which I've posted elsewhere - if anyone cares about (e.g.) the Natural Law tradition, Scientific Realism in the history of Astronomy, Plato's view of the soul or Hume's argument against miracles. But predominantly, in the absence of comments, the blog, should it continue, will turn into a summary of my lectures and thoughts on them, in order that I may achieve these elusive "A+s" that I've heard about.

Have a cool day.


  1. It's Jessica! You can never get rid of me. HAHAHA!

  2. *deletes comment* But nah; JK, you save my life. Well, if it wasn't for the fact you're one of the ones who've outed themselves already, you'd 'save my life.' As it is, you just confuse me slightly with your maniacal laughing.

  3. Now that you got my attention by linking to me, I stop by every now and then. (See? it pays!) :)