Apr 9, 2010

too mchu religion

(we all know that atheists, since they spend most of their time on the internet (why, yes sir, I do believe in the existence of hypocrites) cannot spell.)

Anyway, you may like me be wondering why there is so much religion in such a small blog. Why hasn't it succumbed to Natural Selection and died? I guess it's just one of those random results that you get when your 'universe' is part of a multiverse..

But slightly more on topic, I found a book today & almost bought it; "68 Great NZ Scientists" (or somesuch.) It seemed to cover a wide time span; I assume our nation's short history.

Guess who was in it? (Yes, I had to check.) Dr Jeff Tallon. This one, (whose achievements include being a fellow of Trinity College Cambridge a while back) : http://thinkingmatters.org.nz/2010/03/has-science-disproved-god/

Guess who wasn't? A certain professor-lecturer of 1st yr biosci, one of the reasons I am into apologetics. One of his more obvious anti-Christian episodes involved criticising a respected retired professor from our university for having "too much religion." Sorry mate, but whatever you've got in the Science field, it wasn't enough. He was one of my most distinguished lecturers thus far - but on an international scale, many are small fry. Don't worship them, friends.

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