May 10, 2010

amazing what you can find on the bus. I found 10c once. I think ..

Travelling in to uni on board a bus-like vehicle (yep, as well as being bus-like, it was actually a bus, but thought I'd spice it up with the bare possibility that it was a stretch-Hummer-thing), I was considering the decline of a Christian ethic in New Zealand, w.r.t. abortion and such things. As you do. And then, guess who I saw tootling along Symonds St in front of the bus in a little grey car? You might not believe me, but it was SATAN himself! The fallen angel, serpent, dragon, enemy of God's people; just there in front of me in a mini cooper or somesuch.

Well, according to the personalised plate anyway.

That's pretty straight-up, I thought. Perhaps it even explains the crappily predictable 'religion' issue of Craccum, 'kegs in the park', 'drinking horn' and general prevalence of public nudity, peer-pressure, apathy and alcohol in recent times. Or maybe it's just how students roll; idk.

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