May 10, 2010

New, like television

Hey guys, look what I've found - it's an exciting new social movement aiming to get rid of the final vestiges of dumb religion and imaginary gods and other silly stuff. They get called "The New Atheists." It's all run by this really cool handful of guys and their loyal followers... they're not even that old! One of them is only 61! No wonder they're so popular with a handful of university students; the fact they mock Christian sexual ethics has nothing to do with it, I'm sure!
Trust me, I'm a materialist.

I was being a bit unfair here. Sam Harris is in his 40s, so he's practically only been born. And of course, the top Christian thinkers are frequently quite old (or unfortunately, fairly recently dead (Alston)) too. The main problem with the new atheists, surprisingly enough, isn't that they aren't 'new', it's that they're atheists. Maybe you don't think that's a problem. I'd encourage you to think more carefully about it and get back to me if you think I'm being unfair. Maybe reading some Nietzsche/Camus, etc would help in developing your pessimism. Best of luck to you.

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