May 30, 2010

Two kids die. Who cares?

No doubt you're aware of the 16 year old from (arguably) Auckland's most prestigious school (I'm an Anglican and that other, state, one is just a bit too weird imho, so maybe I'm biased) who became deceased a little while back after drinking a whole bottle of vodka. A ridiculous tragedy if ever there was one. And national news to boot and probably fair enough; people care about this kind of thing. There have been powerful calls to arms: after-balls must be banned! After all, such cases weren't about social outcasts/failures; it could be your beautiful successful kid (or the kid of the guy who owns the media company) next!

But did you hear about the 12 year old kid sleeping under a bridge in Henderson who also died a few weeks ago, of third degree burns inflicted by someone else i.e. who died in excruciating pain, crawling into a creek after being set on fire?

I'm stating the obvious here, but people are more concerned when attractive university students, sports starts, private school successes and the like die (whether through the actions of others or themselves) than when others do.

If you don't find this disturbing, I don't know what to do for you. If you don't know what to do about the pathetic state of New Zealand society, particularly evident if you step away slightly from the comfy centre and spend some time on the fringes, here's a hint; here's a name to consider: Jesus Christ. He knows about losers, he hung out with them; he loves the little people, he loves them today, even the one writing this blog.

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