May 9, 2010

cultural prisms

People look at events and evidence from rather different perspectives. Here is an example which I've skimmed (one day I'll increase the respectability of my sources. Perhaps.) and it does not give me great hope for humanity.

I am fairly pro-Israel due perhaps to my cultural milieu, in-so-far as I don't think the nation is one of evil Muslim-haters who should be wiped out at the earliest opportunity. There have been genuine wrongs committed against Muslims in western countries. Ignorant 'conservative' white people annoy me too. However, the majority of these pale to beyond Skandinavian shades in comparison to the frequent gross human rights abuses in Muslim-majority countries. Further, some situations (cf. Muhammed cartoons) are used as a convenient excuse to get hot and bothered and in less civilized places, riot. (Of course, if it wasn't for globalization, no one in Denmark would care about people rioting on the other side of the world. Ironic perhaps that economic dominance has contributed to the developed world's vulnerability from these kinds of sources.) This hypocrisy and hyper-sensitivity annoys me - maybe there is a trace of racism, religious hatred or xenophobia from my side, but when I see the kind of religious hatred perpetrated in supposed response to the abuses of the West, I don't feel too bad and am amazed at the staying power of modern liberal democracy. Long may it continue!

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