May 23, 2010

I have decided ..

♫ to follow Jesus ♫

I have also decided on a(nother) major life goal/task/thing!

I MUST get a photo of myself, with a book, in front of the University of Reading.
Pure class, no?

But seriously, if I ever was to teach there, or maybe even visit, I would make my 8year old self very proud. I don't think he knew what a university was, but he learnt quickly.

On another side note (hey, it's my blog; you don't like it, you don't read it - oh, oops; too late for you I guess), it's been implied that I'm a bit of a moralist (talking about abortion and .. gasp .. foetuses in almost-public) and not only that, but into apologetics; neither of which are apparently good things. These pastimes tend to drive people away from Jesus and/or distort the gospel, it has also been implied (I paraphrase, in order to, at least potentially, stir things up). Comments on this, or the price of sugar, are most welcome.


  1. I don't quite see the problem with being a 'moralist' or an 'apologist' myself... but maybe that's because I'm pretty into apologetics too. Why it does have the potential to 'drive people away from Jesus' I think there is no reason why it has to, and there are so many people who need to ask the tough questions/argue it out in order to even come close to finding Christ...

  2. idk if any1 reads these comments - but, thanks; my thoughts were similar, hence my slightly sarcastic rendition of the suggestion, in the blog post. "Moralism" is generally a derogatary term. Precisely what comes under its auspices is (as perhaps with most derogatory terms) a little unclear. One point that is worth keeping in mind is that the gospel is not primarily (if at all) a new moral code or set of rules; it's good news that God is near and cares and has sorted out our mess for us. Apologetics: that's a whole other minefield. I'm in the process of thinking through what it means to come to faith. It's more than intellectual assent, but presumably intellectual assent is often required. Apologetics seems useful at least in removing barriers that may exist to faith-formation. Faith itself is a gift of God. What this all means precisely is anyone's guess - I may clarify my thoughts after exams..