May 20, 2010

a lesson on equivocation

Equivocation is a word I'm quite fond of. Seems Our PM knows what it's about too:

Mark "Moustache" Sainsbury: "[but] the rich are going to be better off, aren't they"
John "Keynesian(?)" Key: ".. well, across the board, all New Zealanders are going to be better off"

I might have slightly paraphrased, but you get the point; spot the switcheroo!

I don't have any massive problems with dropping personal tax rates, though the only way it'll all affect me for a while is through an increase in GST (a.k.a. the price of food and clothing); I guess I better spend up big before they come into effect. Fortunately, my books come from overseas or 2nd-hand, so my shelves won't miss out too much as a result. Trademe should be rubbing their ring-encrusted hands together some more though - presumably more GST = more old stuff bought. Yay, old stuff!

"Ring encrusted"? What was I thinking? *Mutters incoherently to self*

1 comment:

  1. The trouble is, we want rich people to be ~worse off~ :P especially Mr Key. Though really why not just go for some socialism in that case I guess. Eventually, Zach, we shall be rich, and then we shan't complain, except about the plebs.