Jun 8, 2010

The 'Arrrggh-ument' from Divine Hiddenness

P1) We can't see God - and we've even looked under the bed!
[suppressed premise P2) If you can't see someone (even after looking under the bed), they can't see you]
C1) Therefore, God cannot see us
C2) Therefore, we can have sex! With each other! (or whoever)

But seriously, I found an article on Divine Hiddenness (after I'd made a note to post this) in 'Faith and Philosophy' - a journal available thru your friendly local academic library that I recommend. It was somewhere amongst the 2008 articles, by a guy called Douglas V Henry (the V is actually a V; not a 5 I believe) and seems worth a read. I don't usually recommend things I haven't properly read, but I'll take this down if it turns out to be crap, in a few weeks; after the current time of Testing.

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