Jun 11, 2010

Oh for the days

Oh for the days when I was growing up fast
When a monopoly was a board game
Biology was something to do with plants
And I didn’t really feel the need to ask

When finances were for grown-ups, stress was broken toys
good time management was obeying someone older
Statistics was playing cricket with passing cars
And writing essays was reserved for CS Lewis

Oh for the days when people were easy to please
When friendships were facile if infrequently made
When ‘goodness itself’ was occasionally doing chores
The main problems were lack of ambition and being bored?

Oh for the days of innocence and ignorance
when philosophy was remarkably easy
proof-texting was advanced theology
and colourful chemicals proof of intelligence?

Oh for the days when life was not a maze
When insecurity existed unnoticed always
When my lack of personality was quiet
And I had absolutely nothing at all to say

Oh for the days when God was found in churches
In theory only it seemed, and perhaps just on Sundays
When I had no answers and nor any questions
And it was all good while material wants were met

Oh for the days?

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