Jun 13, 2010

a useful reminder

"Living with Jesus one day beats getting 100% in any exam."*
*From a blog I occasionally read. If they're reading this, the author knows who they are. Thanks.

I wouldn't put it quite that way, but I agree and I needed the reminder. Any exam. Jesus is better than any and all such 'success', for amongst other things he knows my mess and loves me still. This reality is more valuable even than Biological Sciences 351 - Molecular Genetics. Even full marks in that annoying International Trade paper could not compare. I write this as someone who has, occasionally at least, known about very good marks first hand - I have, you could say, a bright educational future ahead of me, indeed quite impressive in light of the past; but it is simply crap in the absence of Jesus. Putting an academic's robe and uniquely Professorial humour on it would not change its worthlessness. But God can even redeem this - unwarranted pride and all - and change it; (this too I know first hand, at least in part) this is the Christian hope.

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