Jun 6, 2010

It's complicated

NZ's left wing activists and, dare I say it, many from Muslim cultures, don't like Israel.

I know, I'm pretty good at stating the obvious.

But regarding recent events, I can honestly only conclude that it's complicated. Of course, this op-ed piece from an Israeli offical is also biased, but worth a read. I doubt all the claims made are quite correct, but it only takes a few to put quite a radically different spin on it.

Next time something happens in Israel, or the United States does something, or there's an excuse to 'hate on' the Exclusive Brethren, be ready to laugh sadly at the predictable responses of those who have made a career out of political activism, or whose self-identity is so inextricably bound up with anti-conservative feeling.

And in case you're wondering, yes I do have a solution to the 'problem' of Israel/Palestine, though I didn't make it myself. It's a person; a Palestinian Jew, who hung out with prostitutes, traitors to the Jewish nation and (quite possibly) a Zionist zealot, who criticised the self-righteous religious leaders who were so far from God and the poor; a man who was killed by an uncaring imperial political power a few centuries back, who continues to change lives across radical divides. Accept him into your house and see the difference.

H/T: Maverick Philosopher

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