Jun 1, 2010

So, .. you believe in "possibilities"? Well, we believe in possi-BIBLE TEES!

Bible Tees, get your Bible Tees!

Once I invent some slogans for my tees, I might share them with you, my respected readers.

At the moment, I'm thinking keep it simple; random Bible verses, tastefully printed, could cause quite a fashion stir. Taking them out of their context and adding a question mark to the end of the quote could please the Ones Who Know about such things. Watch out World! (no one will have got it, but that was meant to be a reference to World of Warcraft. Yes, I know that's strange).

But, for now:

**for everyone:
1) Goliath says: "Don't get stoned (by) kids"

**for the girls:
2) Jael, Heber's wife says: "Wanna go camping?"
(Judges 4:21) I just love the last sentence of that vs in the KJV at least. "So he died." You don't say?

**for the guys:
3) [TBA]

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