Mar 12, 2010

another half-finished 1, complete with editing-brackets

This one is about John 1, with a hint of Revelation

Check it out, it's the beginning!
And there's one, just one who's sitting
At [the] right hand of the Holy One.

(Would you plonk 'self down by a King,
bro? No, hell no - I don't think so.
Who could, who would; maybe the King's son?)

He chose to enter Creation.

[Pre-existent, stain resistant;
He is sinless and in glory;
[Mysterious yet consistent;]
Actor, writer in this story]

Pulled down this wall: real vs ideal .
[Platonically-cogitational now relational
Pre-cosmological now temporo-spatial]

[Philosophical confusion?
God's better; ignores the 'meta'
In 'Metaphysics'; He's the Word
As you've heard, He's got solutions.]

For love/fun God only knows why
We bend words in pseudo-rhymes, while
He plays with space, matter and time

He is the true, real, free-grace deal
Others come to [destroy and] steal
He came to save and to heal

He is gonna make, all things, new
‘Tis written down, [for] these words are true.

Rev 21:5 And the one seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new!”
Then he said to me, “Write it down, because these words are reliable and true.”

They are really reliable
He / [T/His word] is undeniable

[[This is genuine; it's for real.

Deny existence or its creator
Both are folly; none is greater

[He is for real.]

[He's said: The truth shall set you free.
If you let it; sufficed for me.] ]]

[Blinded eyes made to clearly see.
Sight of light breaking thru the night
Earth[ly focus] switched on to eternity]

God's law was given through Moses
Grace and truth thru this man Jesus;
God's own [has made] God truly known.

And all the people said: Amen.

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