Mar 13, 2010

Perhaps One Day

As part of an interesting pdf put out by the Templeton Foundation (approx1Mb), primatologist Jane Goodall says:

When I was a child, born into a Christian family, I accepted the reality of an unseen God without question. And now that I have lived almost three quarters of a century I still believe in a great spiritual power. I have described elsewhere the experience I had when I first visited Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. When, as I gazed at the great rose window, glowing in the morning sun, the air was suddenly filled with the glorious sound of an organ playing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. It filled me with joy, brought tears to my eyes. How could I believe that blind chance had led to that moment in time—the cathedral, the collective faith of those who had prayed and worshiped within, the genius of Bach, the emergence of a conscious mind that could, as mine did then, question the purpose of life on Earth. Was all the wonder and beauty simply the result of purposeless gyrations of bits of cosmic dust at the beginning of time? If not, then there must be some extra-cosmic power, the creator of the big bang. A purpose in the universe. Perhaps, one day, that purpose will be revealed.

As you might suspect, I believe that in the grandeur of Bach & rose windows, Goodall has missed the best good of all; a humble baby asleep in a manger, the self revelation of the one behind it all; the only one truly worth meeting.

And if anyone noticed an accidental possible sly reference to one of my favourite bands, here's some examples: check it out. And this one. And hey, if you're blessed with more broadband than I, why not this one too?

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