Mar 13, 2010


P1) I do not like microscopes. (3 reasons: eyelashes, glasses, cluelessness)
P2) I study molecular biology. (It turned out that chemistry wasn't entirely my thing)

=> ??

There would appear to be some kind of problem here. I'm not sure if I even want to think about possible logical conclusions.

I was reminded of the first premise, as well as the second, by my lab on Wed, trying to get red blood cells to splat (that's the correct term) onto microscope slides in such a way that they release their chromosomal contents in a nicely dispersed, clearly visible way. I attempted to tuck my sleeves into my gloves, I centrifuged, I pipetted various mixtures, I waited (as anyone who believes in deep time will know, this is the central task of the biologist), I repeated the process various times and then 2+hrs later I expectantly dropped my cell culture onto the glass slides. As for most of the rest of the lab, it didn't work. So they'll just do it for us. Not too satisfying, strangely.

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