Mar 18, 2010

tibta - 1st Edn

Things I've Been Thinking About, Edition 1:
(Why anyone would actually be particularly interested in this eludes me slightly; but people keep on visiting this site, so we'll have to see what scares them off / bores them to salty tears which destroy their laptops/ Russian-computers...)

Foundations of the scientific enterprise
The surprise of new friends and slightly older ones
The strategic placement of swearwords in rap music
Public speaking/teaching & inexplicable bouts of nervousness
Honor. And avoiding American spelling in Bible translations
Dignity. Frugality. Money and the ease with which it is spent.
Time and the ease with which it is spent.
Social capital and the ease with which it is spent.
The amount of effort to put into making conversation
The Problem of War in the OT (it's a book and a thought)
The is and the ought
The spoken word and poetic structure
The structure and polemic of Genesis 1-3ish
The nonexistent border between whimsicality and dorkishness.

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