Mar 26, 2010

the best you've got

The best, or in any case most intriguing and appealing, presentation of atheism I've heard for a while was by Cambridge philosopher Dr Arif Ahmed in his debate with William Lane Craig. I disagree with certain Christian bloggers & think he (Dr. AA) did quite well, aside from a condescending attitude and I suspect from my initial listen, some self-contradictions. It did however also help to confirm some suspicions I've had for a little while about the way such arguments run and about the unenviable project of defending the claims of ontological naturalism.

For the mp3, ~25Mb:

For some comment, some of which is productive:

UPDATE: Listening to a discussion between NT Wright & John Dominic Crossan (to get it e.g. right click on Wright, Save Target As...) on the resurrection, I hear a point I think is absolutely brilliant. 1Corinthians 15:58, the end of a key (& early) text on the resurrection shows the consequences of the physical yet also spiritual (both-and) resurrection for our life in this tangible world; our labour is not in vain. Dr Ahmed is wrong, life in this world is important to Christians - yes, as Craig says, because it will determine our future; yes as my initial response was, because our lives are important to God; but most fundamentally because the full resurrection of the dead is yet to come and the Lord has given us work to do.

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