Nov 11, 2009

Believe (in a Japanese Car-Maker)

So, advertising companies have caught onto the power of spirituality to sell people crap they wouldn’t buy if they were to act as rational agents?

[Note, please, that I have not recently been on an adventure camp for children run by atheists and suddenly discovered the irresistability of the distortions of the Enlightenment which some deluded chumps call “rational” – no, for in fact it isn’t “spirituality” that the ad companies have hooked into but cheap rip-offs. (For the keen philosophy beans amongst you, some other day I’ll critique the strange assumption by atheists (note that assumption has a slightly different meaning to usual in this context) of the term “rationality”.)]

What is this self-contradictory freak spouting about, perhaps I hear you say? Yet, briefly consider with me two examples from a longer list which I have inconveniently forgotten, perhaps as a result of actually watching rather little TV in recent times: [1] the Toyota ad campaign focusing on the word “Believe” and [2] the Telecom or something-like-that ad using “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” as a jingle; obviously without mentioning that divisive Jesus fella. Wake up and smell the daylight robbery, people! The many vague references to “values”, “trust”, “faith” &c and the use of once-blatantly-Christian music to advertise large predominantly secular corporations are simply sad – simply sad :(

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