Nov 28, 2009

“Joy is more choice for less investment”

I don’t think so, BMW. Normally the Bayerische Motoren-Werke are pretty cool IMHO but they’ve followed the once trusty Toyota and gone and tarnished themselves in advertising. Joy is a lot of things, but not many of them are associated with German cars.
This reminds me of a time in Germany, in a French class to be exact (long story, but unfortunately, my French is not any better as a result) when it was asked “what is joy for you?” So, without too much more self-promotion (ok I’ll take that back – this whole post is pretty much all about ME), I’ll answer the question again:

Joy is an awesome conversation with whoever [Word tells me it should be “whomever”, but if we were going to be fancy, I’d say “whomsoever wills it”]
Joy is friends in the right proportions – the right mix – preferably with dessert
Joy is a hopefully awesome book like Nicholas Wolterstorff’s “Justice”
Joy, for that matter, is a tastefully filled bookshelf or CD-rack or blogsite
Joy is a splendid sermon lovely lecture terrific talk or an in-depth debate
Joy is a small group that works or a massive gathering of Jesus Freaks
Joy is worth having

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  1. Mostly agree. Except I'd add in something about love, and take away something about large quantities of Jesus freaks. Then it'd be pretty much perfect.