Nov 13, 2009

The Duck Man

The Narnian Police are interested in talking to the following person, who they believe will be of assistance in their inquiries:

-Dubious logic purveyed frequently by this figure, accompanied by ad hominem attacks
-An obsession with religion is a dominant trait; specifically the Judaeo-Christian God
-With links to a number of prominent academics, this man is highly intelligent
-Known for regularly speaking far outside his area of expertise in exchange for money
-Indoctrination of children in his views through special small camps strongly promoted
-Funded billboard campaign suspected of libel against important international figure
-Sympathetic to cults believing that aliens are the source of life on earth

If you or anyone you know has any information on this person, please call 0800 God Squad. Up to $1000000 reward if caller is particularly successful*

(The Narnian Police had intended to make this an acrostic that made sense, but ran out of government funding and couldn’t really be bothered. The title is in reference to a similar figure, to be found in Ankh-Morepork on the Discworld. This may be explained at a future date if the prize remains unclaimed after 3 days.)
*The Templeton Prize

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