Nov 10, 2009

poetic polemic of a parochial parodist

You may believe the “I am” is outdated
For sure, the first to state his case appears right
Yet, the legitimacy of chronological snobbery is over-stated
Hast thou time to hear another paradigm or to take second sight?

For sure; “Science” may be considered a walloping success
However, why ought it to go to our head?
Secular humanism: a conceptual mess
God is alive* and Friedrich Nietzsche is stone dead.

Science relies on reliable design
Though in our confused times
Careful distinctions and those of distinction are separated
Which is a bit of a pity, really

Facile it is, to dish out supercilious looks
Attempt setting your A into G; visit a library
And go read some more books
(CS Lewis would do nicely.)

If you consider it time for re-assessment
For you I have something; just a small suggestion:
Open this; it would be a “new testament”
Start asking some questions

*(and doing quite well, thank you very much)

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