Nov 11, 2009

What's it all About?

While I cherish my privacy too much to reveal specific details, over the last almost-24-hours I have possibly received hundreds of emails along the lines of this one: (It's arranged into segments, as 1/2-way thru reading I realised it worked that way.)

Yo, Grim
Wassup with this new blog of yours?
What's it all about
and who do you expect to read it
apart from friends, stalkers - and christians?
Man, it's all too religious and creepy;
stop tryin to convert me
with your attempt at modernity.
Why can't you be normal and less paranormal
And what the H-town does that name even mean?

Well, Anon, here's the answers: I started out with a Jesus foundation as I have found that that is a sound one on which to build, unlike building upon sand, which has a high correlation with eventual building collapse. As such, I am proud of this foundation - if it disturbs you, there are a few options; here are two: 1) consider why this may be and feel free to talk to moi; or 2) go straight to my boss and give him the complaint. I could only be too pleased if with just one blog I managed to attract a following simultaneously composed of friends, stalkers and Christians.
The meaning of the name "Meta Equilibrium" should appear in a later post.

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