Nov 11, 2009

Beyond Passivity !?!

*"Decrease Apathy Slowly and Approximately In Concert With the Decrease in the Rate of Inflation as that Seems the Sensible Option to 75% of the Working Population!"
*"Death to Death!"
*"Sleeping is for Boring People!"

These are only a few of the slogans that I have just invented. The thing they have in common besides inane-ness and relative irrelevance to the topic at hand is that they bear a slight relation to the title of this blog. Meta Equilibrium has a number of connotations, most of which appeared in my mind long after the blog had been created. The most important is arguably that the initials are M and E (the difficult step follows; but concentrate as the results shall be worth your attention), when put together, spell “me” – this is purely coincidental, but the blog is largely about me, so I think that’s a pretty choice coincidance. Yes, in this context it has an ‘A’. So; Equilibrium and Meta both have a number of uses in at least one of the fields of economics, philosophy, biology, chemistry, physics and a bunch of other stuff which geeks call “knowledge”. So the potential for interpretation is large; perhaps the audience will follow suit (in being large); not that I recommend the eating of junk food.

“Equilibrium” is about stuff that doesn’t change (or more specifically, that doesn’t change in overall composition anyway) and “Meta” is one of those things, in Ancient Greek, which grammar-geeks call a preposition and which according to my dodgy limited knowledge means a bunch of stuff including “with” and “beyond”. The point I’ve finally got to is that the name is ambiguous and can mean “with” equilibrium or “beyond” it – which is appropriate I’d say, as sometimes equilibrium is where it’s at and sometimes “it” isn’t actually “at” equilibrium. This blog is thus both proudly Anti-Apathy and Pro-Peace; it’s radical and it’s conservative; it’s young and spiffy and old and sedate – basically all depending on how my day went.

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