Nov 20, 2009

Oh, fatuosity! My nostrils flare in admiration

Anyone who can write for both VeggieTales and the New York Times, as well as enticing top Christian academics to share their thoughts is someone worth investigating. As far as I am aware, the sole honour goes to Eric Metaxas, of whom I am now even more of a fan than I was at a time prior to this one. Woody Allen has even called some of his pieces in the New York Times “quite funny.” The item that elicited (and was the actual source of) the admiration and other quotation was a slimmed-down version of an essay of his from awhile ago on the Da Vinci Code, from the perspective of C.S. Lewis’ character “Screwtape” – the less slim version is on the site along with other good stuff.

While Eric is also technically a competitor in the blogosphere,
this is good-in-a-relaxingly-real-way enough that I hardly care.

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