Nov 23, 2009


I almost called this blog “Eulogia”, meaning “good words” or a “blessing”, but that was a bit too religious; can’t have the name scaring away the secular kiddies and in any case, I meant more “deep talk”, or maybe even “big talk” – here is an explanation of sorts. You don't have to read it if you don't want to!

Big Talk

at small talk I substantially fail
indeed I seldom try
at big talk perhaps
why, yes we shall succeed

so let us or me here span the gamut
run the gauntlet of God and man
and the cavern nay chasm between them
woman and politics and death

poverty and apparent wealth we can pursue
happiness near complete lack of health
sunsets and rises and cycles of life
alienation or alien nations fall and re-creation

life & wisdom and its love or lack of
evil, loathing and the burning of books
suffering, pain and other games demons play
angels and archangels break-dancing thru needle’s eye

design and two-by-fours in organs of sight
white robes harps chords of delight
pharisees and sadducees and you and me
who knows? It could even be fun

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