Feb 25, 2010

10 poems in one

I'm not too interested in sorting them out into separate pieces, so read them at your own risk
Apparently poems should have metre or meter or somesuch. I'll try and keep it in mind for the next time.
I don't think I was on drugs when I wrote it; amoxycillin aside.


That all important ‘ego’
has up-and-gone
In the face of all the world’s scorn.
Perhaps it’s time to let the rest go too

The I is not eternal; not aimed at eternity
If its current destiny is burning; in entirety
Yeah, that’s right.
Check it out my reader

You say, “but G; it’s how I choose to roll”
Yet I say “bro, it’s Jesus who is in control”,
Those 'I’s ain’t gonna ‘roll’ no more
When they hear that knocking on their door
He coming yo way, tis time to get ready

You say “I’m into science - and reality”
“Stop pushing your impossible fairies at me”
But fair’s only fair, let’s say we talk about fear and evil
Then your Weltanschauung is going, right down the hill.

You play your Xbox & playstations while we see the collapse
of genuine nations; from poverty and corruption
But we’re only interested in our own stupidness
And this egotism, is gonna have consequences

Yeah, I’m talking about evil, screwed-up lives and sin
For that’s the kind of crap that we are all in
It’s actually about rebellion - against God. You say it’s
“not important”, but I suggest you’re damned wrong.

We’re not talking here about spilled drinks
It’s not about subjective opinions or what some fat white guy thinks
It is about the facts, which matter – like what kind of
relationship do you have with your Creator?

So, back on track let's talk about this 'science' – my question for you
Is not just how, but why it all works? Wherefore ought what we discover be true?
You assume certain axioms to get into this game
Well wake up and work out whose name these proclaim;
I say it all spells quite clearly, G-O-D; while yo' presuming so much
Only to gain inconsistent systems of so-called ‘rationality’

Such things do not hang in mid-air; that would simply look stupid
Someone bought this conceptual apparatus
But concerning these ideas, it wasn't you who paid for them
There is a far better grounding in the Person who made all this

So now, if I may briefly conclude:
Maybe yo' thinking that me talking bout this is kinda rude;
well, you chose to read it, so reap the results.
That's the way the world works; if you don't like it, you can revolt
Be another of the millions of prodigal daughters and sons
Yet if you do find yourself running, just continue to run;
Into the arms of the only forgiving one.


  1. I read this through without a beat or anything In mind and I found it fairly hard going. But, I was looking for this awesome poet/spoken word piece (to link you to) that was quite profound but I cannot find it or remember the guys name. I did find this, however http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arTyiVKvhf8
    and then I re-read your poem with this sort of beat and it worked very very well.
    So, in sum, here is a possible direction for you if you ever do expt with music :)