Feb 10, 2010

proscribing a cure?

Is the bad spelling 'epidemic' truly endemic; is it intrinsic or only epiphenomenal or surficial?
(Is that something to do with surfing?)
Is it as contageous and outrageous as I have 'bean lead too beleive?'
Foreshore/ for sure I haven't got immunity and neither/nor has/have my community

Firstly, there is a distinction between "your" and "you're"
as well as differences between "there", "their" and "they're."
We all know the old to/two one too; or do we really?

Prescribe and ascribe are not the same. Apostrophes matter; to me anyway.
Purpost and purposed are not both words; 'tis particularly sad when "purpose"
is the one that would make sense. If you can't spell, you cannot write. Simple.

Where/were/we're in trouble weather/whether or not we personally accept
that for/four right/write/rite and wright only one is correct in most contexts.
Read books, my readers - lettuce start a trend!

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