Feb 23, 2010


Why a tree, Lord?

We see explained in
Deuteronomy (21: 22-23)
Whosoever be
Hung on a tree;
They are curs-ed

This is a harsh statement. Appropriate for the harshness of rebellion against God.

Whosoever in
Son of Man believes;
Raised for all to see (Num 21:8-9, John 3:14-15)
Above Calvary;
They are sav-ed

Our wrongs and sicknesses taken on, by choice; by the only one who could so choose.

Sin in first garden (Gen 3:6)
Washed from beyond walls (Num 15:35-36)
Of Jerusalem
Passover time now salvation for all (Exo 12:27, 12:43, 34:25, Psa22:27, Is43:6)
Bringing in shalom
The river still flows (John 7:38)
From God’s town, come down (Rev 21:2)

This is ridiculous. Appropriate for the ridiculous creatures we are.

From small seed can grow
A tree of great worth (Matt 13:32)
The Church has been such
And covers the Earth
They are bless-ed.

“Crooked souls trying to stay up straight… the shadow proves the sunshine” - Switchfoot

‘side city’s River
Sprouts the tree of life
Leaves of which provide
Healing for nations; (Rev 22:2)
They are lov-ed

This is the gospel; the whole story works together, scribed by the master author

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