Feb 27, 2010

defending Islam

Many prominent defenders of Islam do a spectacularly bad job of it. I won't go into the details, as there are thousands of sites out there with people who've looked into it all way more closely. But, if anyone thinks they've found really awesome arguments for Islam over against Christianity, you're welcome to let me know. My main issues relate to the highly selective (e.g. out of context) quoting of the Bible, Quran and hadith and quoting various dubious writings from Christians over the centuries as well as acts by Christians and people in the old testament as if all these were normative (e.g. King David's adultery. Anyone who thinks this was advocated needs some help in the analysis of literature; i.e. reading.) Also, attacking one supposed Christian argument, say for Jesus' divinity, as if it were the comprehensive case, seems to repeatedly occur.

Here's a couple of starters, just the home pages -you're welcome to follow whatever links:


I apologise for conflict in some areas and some broken links. You will appreciate that I am not the creator of these sites! If you find something that destroys faith in Jesus as I claim to have, again, let me know.

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