Feb 2, 2010


From the Maverick: for comment and/or edification

Residing in their utopian Wolkenskukuheim -- a wonderful word I found in Schopenhauer translatable as 'Cloud Cuckoo Land' -- radical leftists are wrong about religion, wrong about human nature, wrong about the terrorist threat, wrong about the ‘fascist theocracy’ of Bush & Co., wrong about economics; in short, they are wrong about reality.

They are delusional reality-deniers. Now that they are in our government, we are in grave danger. I sincerely hope that people do not need a 'nuclear event' to wake them up. Political Correctness can get you killed.

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  1. Sigh. I was going to go an angry-liberal rant. But then I read some of the guy's blog and he seemed reasonably reasonable. Well, as reasonable as one can be whilst still being conservative. Plus, he might be right (I don't actually know any "radical leftists" to judge - they sound like interesting creatures though).