Feb 26, 2010

shelf space


I wish I had such a collection. I would read the books once; or possibly, just possibly twice, but that's not the point. Instead I have small portions of various popular geeky children/teenagers' series and too many random nonfiction books to fit on the shelf. And yet I order new boxes of books with my non-existent income (yay for the government) whenever possible and find it difficult to sell old textbooks, many of which I hardly even looked at... You can't sell books, you have to make a horde of them, or hoard them, for when all the libraries inexplicably close and you're suddenly needed by the universe - or maybe just for the sake of owning more stuff. So then I lend out books, which is too frequently about the same as selling them, you just don't get paid for it. Or I admit the futility of it all and just give them away.

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