Feb 7, 2010

for all the doubters - don't mess with the quoll

There are reputed to be, somewhere out there, people who don't believe that God exists.

Meet my friend. (Don't mess with the quoll.)

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Yes, he(she) is a quoll; probably a Tiger Quoll. I'm pretty sure he(she) is Australian too, but we won't hold it against him(her), cos God made this little fellah(dudette)! God exists and is awesome.

For the analytical philosophers amongst you, this is the argument - I assure you it is idiot proof:
(There are suppressed premises and stuff, but it's all pretty obvious)

P1: Quolls (exist.)

Therefore probably: God (exists.)


  1. hahaha, good one zach. Might convince the national voters... even though you are probably joking

  2. hahaha. Yes; joking ...

    Who is this 'zach'. Das Name ist 'zweck'; andre zweck.

    Please get it right.