Feb 19, 2010

Hill William Musicality

[Image courtesy of Wikipedia]
A fair amount of mainstream stuff is being sourced from the garages of the quaint rural huts where Christians are to be found living with their 30 children (and general lack of knowledge and fun.) Some of it hardly needs naming, but: One Republic, The Fray, Owl City, Paramore, Jordan Sparks, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Daughtry, POD, Switchfoot, Stan Walker, as well as Miley and the J-Bros of course. Classics like U2 and Dave Dobbyn remain and may have got more openly Christian. In NZ, little bands like Kingston, the Frisk and Late 80s Mercedes all have followings. Then there are the nominals like Kanye and Scribe, which make things interesting. I love how Scribe used his thanks speech at the Tuis (I think) to say something like “He took the machete out of my hand and replaced it with a mic and I’ll always be grateful” while Prime Minster H-C stood beside him on the stage baffled. And “Jesus Walks” is awesome.

My point? I’m not sure. It’s not like many of the radio-played songs from these artists push Jesus, or even the other songs on their albums (exceptions POD, maybe Switchfoot & U2), it’s just a pleasant surprise to eventually hear an artist being played somewhere, after having been playing on Christian radio for a while – a few NZ ones come to mind. With a couple of unfortunate exceptions, the messages in these songs are different to what would be found elsewhere. There’s another stream out there, way too hard out for MTV or C4, which is also improving in quality. This seems to include all Christian rap. Check out, on you tube, “Lecrae”, “Trip Lee” or from NZ, “Rapture Ruckus”. A good example: Real Vision - Trip Lee ft. Tedashii


  1. check this album out, by the mountain goats.

    im not as taken with it as the other albums, but mountain goats =awesome. theyre coming to NZ soon

  2. Intriguing & appropriate, though not particularly religious. I like it; one of the songs is free on their website. Oh wow - they're coming to roam our cliffs and meet our sheep; how nice.